Alpha Alpha Chapter, Hobart
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Address:583 S. Main St.
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Chapter Officers
Jason Filipe, Annotator    6/29/2017
Alexis Santiago, Consul    12/31/2017
Ryan Densen, Chapter Editor    6/29/2017
Leo Hyllegard, Historian    6/29/2017
Christopher DelaBruere, IFCR    6/29/2017
Louis Salerno, Kustos    6/29/2017
Christopher Gorman, Magister    6/29/2017
Daniel Bristol, Pro Consul    12/17/2017
Colin Briggs, Quaestor    11/1/2017
Clayton Lyons, Risk Manager    6/29/2017
Marcel Johnson, Recruitment Chairman    6/29/2017
Evan Howard, Scholarship Chairman    6/29/2017
Benjamin Brownell, Tribune    6/29/2017

Chapter Advisors and Mentors
Kyle Swartley, House Corporation President    

Grand Praetor
John Predmore, Grand Praetor, Northwestern New York Province    

The undergraduate officer positions are update as they are made in the Member Reporting section of the Chapter System on Alumni positions are updated nightly from headquarters. If you do not see a position or need to correct one, please submit a request using the Comments or Requests button.